Three Gigs In March You Should Go To

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Seems to be March is going to be an ace little month for gigs this year. Not only is the massive Subcity 15th Birthday Party blowing the doors on the first Saturday night the Arches reopens, but there are a few other shiny gems aswell…

Floating Points were introduced to me about a month ago. Their Vacuum EP is an excellent little purchase, which features effortless whizzes, drones and feet tapping beats it’s a cracking choice for any mood you’re in. They are playing March 5th for Numbers at Sub Club, alongside Kode9 and Martyn. Tickets are £12.

Featured on the Kitsuné Maison Compilation 8 album, Memory Tapes released Seek Magic. Dream pop, glitch pop, summer time on a disc, call it what you will-it’s great. Warbled, lucullan, distorted, organic electronic recording matched up with Dayve Hawk’s soothing vocals creates, quite frankly, a flawless album. Catch it in Stereo on March 12th for a measly 7 punts.

No introduction is really needed. It’s a no-brainer it’s Four Tet. You just go! Playing in the Bongo Club in Edinburgh on March 13th for £12.

Floating Points-Vacuum
Memory Tapes-Pink Stones
Four Tet-Plastic People

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Image Of The Day

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Yaw+Ariel Pink+Cousin Cole+Schlachthofbronx

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Ok, a bit of a musical stramash here, but guaranteed, they’re all good.

I had to share this Yaw track. Fantastic voice and music. Sounds like it’s 50 years old but it’s pretty new. Enjoy

When I first heard this Ariel Pink song, I thought it was some genius from the 80s. Turns out I was half right, he is a genius, but this is newer than you think. Definitely a highly creative musician, he writes and records all the music himself and has been known to make drum beats with his arm pits. He’s the type of guy you’d hope would be at your party.

Difficult to make this Bruce Springsteen song any better, but I think Cousin Cole has pulled this one off perfectly. This is taken from the Cousin Cole + Pocketknife album Tambourine Dream-well worth an investment. Other excellent remixes on that album include Devendra Banhart, Iron + Wine and John Lennon. Ace stuff!

Don’t really know too much about Schlachthofbronx, but I had a listen of this track when I was perusing the interweb and I can’t turn it off. Their stuff doesn’t really sound like this, but this JStack remix is yaldi boom time hombre.

Yaw-Where Would You Be
Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti-For Kate I Wait
Bruce Springsteen-I’m On Fire (Cousin Cole remix)
Schlachthofbronx-Ayoba (JStack remix)



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Pogo is a young chap from Perth, Australia. He has the impressive gift of being able to recycle films and give them a new lease of life through the medium of dam good music. He’ll sample vocals, bass notes, skits and anything else he can get his fingers on. I hope there’s a Goonies one in the pipeline.

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Image Of The Day

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Effektive Graphic Design

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Effektive is an independent graphic design & communication studio based in Glasgow. Working in brand identity and development; art direction; printed communication and website design they specialise in creatively led design which is engaging, challenging and ultimately effective for a variety of clients.

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Subcity 15th Birthday Party

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On Saturday 6th March, Subcity Radio will be celebrating 15 years of passionately geeky lowbudget broadcasting with an all-out, balls-to-the-wall birthday bash at The Arches, featuring some of the best Subcity talent, past and present.

The line out is outstanding and the bar really has been raised for this one. Expect stellar performances from Dema (LuckyMe/RKGB), R-P-Z, Symbiosis, Argonaut Sounds, Shaun fae Solar, Slave To The Rhythm and much, much more. There will also be total eye sex laid on for you by myself, Visual Aids and Sweets from Thunder Disco Club as we blow out some insane visuals to enhance the night using every projector and TV we can find.

I can’t emphasise enough how good this will be. Get your tickets in advance for £6 from The Arches box-office but be quick-supplies are shrinking at break neck speeds!


Image Of The Day

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Night Dreams

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Night Dreams is a listening concept presented and curated by Dave Barbarossa (Fun Size, Curious Curious) and Hushpuppy (RPZ, Death Disco).

Both Dave Barbarossa and Hushpuppy are frequent players on the Glasgow club scene at various events – Huntley’s and Palmers, RPZ, Death Disco, Fun Size, Optimo and many others. However, both felt there was a distinct lack of opportunity in their sets to delve into the more interesting corners of their musical taste and present something that is a fraction out of the ordinary – if not totally off the planet – nor indeed was there anywhere where music fans and adventurous club-kids could travel to hear such sounds.

It was out of this realisation that NIGHT DREAMS was born. Night Dreams is designed to fill the gap that exists for a pre-club where a genuinely wild and varied collection of music can be heard that is interesting, stimulating and entertaining. Sounds that though might be danceable are not necessarily about playing straight forward club tracks and dance hits.

The proposed soundtrack at NIGHT DREAMS will include all things cosmic – rock, funk, synths, jazz, as well as punk, new wave, progressive electronics, psych, kraut rock, weird pop, foreign disco avant-garde and all manner of difficult listening. The ambiance will be complemented with soothing sci-fi video loops and calming fragrances (to sooth the rattle of the odd burst of jarring artifical sound).

The line up will be supplemented on the 13th March by the input of James Pole from the well know “Northern Lights” radio show on, who will be encouraged to come up with a set to challenge and delight the ears of the listener.

Night Dreams-February Mix

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New Audio Player

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I’ve been experimenting with a new audio player, as the previous one wouldn’t always load correctly in some browsers. Enjoy this Animal Colelctive mix and let me know if there’s any bugs.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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