GSA Degree Show 2010

by on Jun.14, 2010, under Exhibition, Glasgow

On Friday, June 11th, the doors opened to the public for this year’s Glasgow School of Art Degree Show. The show is always a fine opportunity to see the emerging talent being nurtured within those famous walls. We Can Never Stop will be bringing you work from many of the graduates over the coming month, with an insight into how they work and what they have their eyes on for the future.

Jonny Burke was good enough to document the night for WCNS with his camera – despite the infamous Renfrew Street party in full effect. Unfortunately, due to the regimental approach to queueing this year, we only had time to visit the Vis Com building, so apologies for not getting photos of some of the excellent work which was on display inside The Art School.

(Milk courtesy of Jamie Dunn)

After the festivities of outside ground to halt, Milk played another energetic gig and Thunder Disco Club celebrated their first birthday in style, with a fine DJ set. They may not have played a good deal many gigs, but their performance eradicated any notions that they are anything but amateurs. To complete the sensory appeal, Glasgow’s most famous seagull, Joe Crogan, demonstrated his might with a captivating, no holds barred, approach to the visuals. What were the ingredients? Scantily clad, helmet wearing dames, lots of grids and an effervescent collection of colour – magic!

If you missed out, the show will be running till the 19th and there’s plenty helpful informtion on the GSA site. Be also sure to look through the Vis Com site as some of the work in there is outstanding.

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