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Milk are one of the best up and coming bands in Glasgow at the moment. Having only been together for a few months and played 4 gigs, this doesn’t show whilst watching them perform a head-nodding, foot tapping treat of infectious music. A must-see live. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys.

Here’s what Milk have to say:

“Behind the fairground a little place with greasy windows sells shakes to ex-cons. A sweat-stained dishtowel reads: “The milk is in the mix”. An old Wurlitzer burbles in the corner where the dead dog used to keep time. Dylan told us it was a double-dog and now we know why. There was a party where our godfather, a bone basically, in a leather smock, asked us what the hell we had done?

Bought yellow stockings with Bowie, we thought. Drank dying shandies near Waits, who chain-smoked with ceremony, we suspected. Snuck up on Wonder and finished his cryptic. We got the gun, joined a club and went to Boston, OK! We gave Arthur Lee love in an anthracite ziggurat and ironed out the kinks with Frank. We got fed-up with Elvis. We tippy-toed for miles with Reed who got spooked by Can’s fifteen year scream. We murmured with Jagger about death in country houses. In Morrison’s Rest, no less, we sat suckling optics with: “Who?” Finally, we fell to a Tangerine Dream Sleep in the labyrinth of Kate and Joni’s hair, awaking penniless to the chime of a city clock.

At the fag-end of this particular carnival, four ragged young men will dance, hopelessly out of time and tune, for your sticky coins. Ladies, gentlemen, please: before the Milk goes off.”

Update: Milk will be playing the following: Stag and Dagger – 22nd may, Art School Degree Show – 11 June, Captains Rest – 27th June. Be there.

Photo: YHFPhoto
Thanks to We Love To Boogie for the clothing.

UPDATE: Milk have requested that their current tracks be removed from the site. They will be releasing new material soon and we’ll keep you posted when this happens.

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